Our sincere THANKS to the Harlingen Community Band,
under the direction of Erika Uribe.
They were EXCELLENT, and contributed immensely to the Dedication,
along with the great voice of Vanessa Hinojosa.

Color Guard

Commanded by GySgt Sal Carmona, USMCRet  and HPD Officer

Carried Rifle:  Sgt Thomas Ayala, USArmy, Bn812
Carried US Flag:  LCpl Justin Garcia and LCpl Marcos Gaona, USMC
Carried Army Flag:  Sgt Joseph Gitierrez, USA, Bn319
Carried USMC Flag:  Cpl Vincent Salas, USMC
Carried Navy Flag:  BU3 Carolyn McEwen, USN
Carried Air Force Flag:  MSgt Armando Tsukano, USAF
Carried Coast Guard Flag:  BM3 Jacob Lovell, USCG
Carried Merchant Marine Flag:  Frank Rolph
Carried MIA/POW Flag:  Officer Raul Flores, HPD
Carried Rifle:  LCpl Guillermo Huizar, USMC

Ushers and Traffic control provided by:
Harlingen High School Army JROTC -
1stSgt Moses Mendoza (US Army, Ret)
MSgt Tony Garcia (US Army, Ret)
Francisco Juarez
Alondra Castillo
Ivonn Martinez
Marcelino Martinez
Estephania Martinez
Jazmine Bautista
Kimberly Shipp
Damien Sanchez

Harlingen South High School Air Force JROTC:
Major David Casebeer (USAF Ret)
Cadets Anthony Mares and Perla Nunez

Marine Military Academy
SgtMaj Ford Kingsley  (USMC, Ret)
Numerous cadets from MMA

STARS Momentos
Fabricated by the Killer Bees quilting club from Sunshine Country Estates.

Jan Baethke is the head of the Killer Bee Quilters. 
Konnie Gush prepared the baskets.

Special THANKS to Lenore Combs (Lt, USAF, Ret), and to all the others who assisted with the many tasks involved..

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