January 21, 2012
Veterans’ Memorial Project Committee


The name of the organization shall be the Veterans’ Memorial Project Committee, Inc. . hereinafter known as the VMPC - a non-profit corporation and 501C3 charity.

ARTICLE 2: Mission Statement for the VMPC.

An Informal group of like minded citizens has evolved into the formal VMPC dedicated to building a fitting memorial to honor all local area military, first responder and other public service men and women who have courageously given their lives, in whole or in part, to defend and preserve the God given freedoms and security of their beloved home and grateful nation, The United States Of America.

ARTICLE 3: Membership

Section A. Membership shall be open to individuals interested in promoting the mission of the organization who attend at least three consecutive meetings of the Committee, complete the application at Attachment “C”, and who are thereafter approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board and a majority vote of the other voting Members present at the next meeting. (See Article 4 defining the Executive Board.)
Section B. Term of membership shall be as long as the Member attends at least two of every three regular meetings of the Committee, unless they are removed for cause.
“Cause” shall be defined as being disruptive to the appropriate conduct of business in the promotion of the mission of the Committee, and shall be declared by the Presiding Officer at any meeting, with the concurrence of the other Board members present.
Members who cannot attend any meeting may be excused by the Presiding Officer for any legitimate reason.
Section C. Friends of the Committee shall be all persons welcomed to the Committee meetings, who may be heard when called on by the Presiding Officer, but who do not have voting privileges.

ARTICLE 4: Officers

Section A. Elected Officers
Officers of this Committee shall be: Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and shall be the composition of the EXECUTIVE BOARD.
Elected Officers will serve for a one year term beginning in 2012, with new elections held every calendar year beginning in October of 2011.
Section B. Election Process; These officers are nominated and elected by the membership during the first October business meeting by majority vote, installed in November and assume office January 1 of the following year.
No officer shall hold more than one elected position at the same time.
Section C. Vacancies
A vacancy in the office of Chairman shall be filled by the 1st Vice Chairman. A vacancy of any other elected office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a ballot vote of the Executive Board.
If any officer is absent for three consecutive board and/or regular meetings (combined), that office shall be considered vacant if the Chairman does not receive previous notice. If a vacancy occurs in the elective offices, except the Chairman, the Executive Board shall fill the vacancy. If vacancy occurs in the Chairman and 1st Vice Chairman offices simultaneously, then the membership shall be notified as expeditiously as possible, and nominations shall immediately be solicited from the membership and voted upon at the next regular business meeting, and immediately filled.
Section E. Duties of the elected officers:
Chairman: Shall preside over all regular meetings of the Committee, call special meetings and preside as chair of the Executive Board.
The Chairman shall appoint sub-committee chairmen as soon after installation as possible to provide for continuity of the organization and shall preside as an ex-officio member of all sub-committees. Further, the Chairman will be the official representative of the Committee in promoting the mission of the Committee.
1st Vice Chairman: Shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the absence of that officer.
2nd Vice Chairman: Shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the absence of that officer and the 1st Vice Chairman. Shall keep a roster of membership by classification, and circulate an attendance sheet at regular meetings.
Secretary: Shall keep the minutes of all board meetings and specially called meetings, provide a copy to the Chairman, file a copy for the Committee, and make them available to the Executive Board. Shall keep the minutes of all regular business meetings, provide a copy to the Chairman and Executive Board as soon as possible after the meeting and make them available to the membership.
Executive Board minutes will be read at the next Executive meeting if not emailed or otherwise distributed to the Executive Board. The action of the Executive Board affecting the Committee will be communicated to the members at the next regular meeting if not communicated in the above ways.
Treasurer: Shall be responsible for the collection, recording and depositing of all dues and other monies received by the Committee, balance and report the financial standing of the Committee at each meeting of the Executive Board and regular business meetings. Several paper copies shall be available for perusal by the Membership, before the start of all regular business meetings.
The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping detailed records of any VMPC donations received for specific use, and including that information on all financial reports.
Officers shall perform their defined duties and any other duties requested by the Committee so as to carry out the business of the Committee.

ARTICLE 5: Meetings

Section A. Schedule
The Committee shall hold regular business meetings as announced by the Chairman, with at least five days notice. Any Member, for cause, may request special meetings of the Committee.
Executive Board meetings shall be held as called by the Chairman. These board meetings shall be open to the immediate past Chairman, Heads of Sub-Committees, and other guests, but they will not vote or take part in any discussions unless given the floor by the Presiding Officer.
Closed door or Executive Sessions may be called for at any time, by any officer, for cause. That is the definition of an Executive Session and the minutes are shared only among the Executive Board.
Section B: Quorum
To conduct any Committee business at a regularly scheduled meeting, a quorum shall consist of Members present, including at least two elected officers.
For Board meetings, a quorum shall consist of at least three elected officers, including a Presiding officer and an officer to take minutes.
For called meetings, a quorum consisting of at least five (5) members, including at least two elected officers, must be present to conduct any Committee business. At least two days notice of any called meeting shall be given to all members who have an email address or phone number on file.

ARTICLE 6: Amendment:

These by-laws may be amended by a motion to amend from the Board or any Member and approval/disapproval by voice vote at the next regular meeting. Minor amendments such as clarification, typos and scheduling do not require a complete reproduction of the by-laws and require only Board approval. These will be included in the minutes for the next business meeting.
When major changes are made, such as a re-write, they will be re-written reflecting the changes and made available to all Members before voting at the next regular meeting.

ARTICLE 7: Conflict of Interest

No Officer or Committee member will accept any current or promise of future benefit from or will perform any services for personal gain for any person or business entity that might benefit or appear to benefit from the Officer or Committee member’s connection to the Corporation unless the facts are disclosed in good faith and authorized by the members. A benefit includes any gift, entertainment, service, loan, or promise of future benefits. A service includes working as an employee, consultant, or in any other capacity for compensation.

ARTICLE 8: Conduct of business:

The current version of Robert’s Rules will prevail for the conduct of business, unless they conflict with these by-laws and attachments. In cases of conflict, these by-laws and attachments will take precedence. The Presiding Officer at any meeting will adjudicate any differences.
Attachments to these by-laws will be included by action of the Executive Board to facilitate the conduction of normal business and may be modified by the Executive Board when needed. Examples are:
See attachment A for the suggested format for conducting a meeting and attachment B for tips on what should be included in the minutes.

ARTICLE 9: Fiscal Year
The fiscal year for the Society shall be from January 1st through December 31st.

Approved by membership: Date: 21 January 2012
Chairman: _____________________________________
Secretary: _____________________________________
Attachment A
Suggested Meeting Format
An agenda shall be prepared ahead of time, and a copy of that agenda posted to the Committee prior to beginning the meeting.
Call to order.
Minutes: The secretary will read the minutes of the previous regular meeting (if not previously emailed.) The minutes will be approved as corrected or as submitted.
Treasurer: The treasurer will read the current financial report (if not previously emailed.) The report will be approved as corrected or as submitted.
Officers: Only officers who have reports to give should be called upon.
Board meeting reports: The minutes of Board meetings are not read at general meetings; only the recommendations or points of information are presented.
Sub-Committees: Call on only those sub-committee chairmen that have reports to give. Sub-committee reports are not voted upon; only any recommendations they may make.
Unfinished Business: The presiding officer should know if there is unfinished business. It is not proper to ask if there is unfinished business.
New Business: Ask if there is any new business.
A motion made by any Member, must be seconded by a Member before consideration. Once seconded, the floor shall be opened for discussion on the motion. After discussion, the motion shall be called for a vote, unless withdrawn.
The original motion can ONLY be withdrawn or modified by the person originally making the motion. Otherwise, a vote should be called on the original motion.
Reminder: Only Members can vote and conduct the organization’s business.
Adjournment: Unless a motion is made, the presiding officer may state the meeting is adjourned.

Attachment B

Tips on What to Include in the Minutes

1. Kind of meeting (Regular, Special, etc.)

2. Name of the organization

3. Date, time, and place of the meeting

4. Fact that a quorum was present, and include a list of all Members present.

5. Whether minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved
(This can be waived if minutes have been distributed in advance unless a reading is requested from the floor.)

6. All Main Motions
(a) the name of the maker of the motion, and who seconded.
(b) facts as to how it was disposed of
Example: “Motion was made by _____ and seconded by _______ that ______”, the number of votes on each side, passed or not.

7. Hour of adjournment

Attachment “C”


The purpose of this Veterans Memorial Committee (VMC) document is to provide a Committee Membership Application for any individual interested in joining the efforts of the VMC and work towards the completion of all objectives. Request the individual fill out the required information and turn in the application to any committee member. The application will be reviewed by the VMC and the individual will be contacted for an interview with the VMC. The individual will be notified if there are any questions or informed of the VMC membership decision.

NAME: _______________________________________________________

PHONE # / CONTACT INFO:_______________________________________


Signature Date

As of the most recent annual election or other formal changes, the Committee Officers and Committee Members of the Veterans’ Memorial Project Committee are posted here below:
(Posted here below 20 September 2016)

Board—Committee Officers (Executive Board): 

Chairman              Frank Hale
1st Vice Chair       Sal Carmona
2nd Vice Chair      Gina Shipp
Secretary              Lenore Combs
Treasurer              Carl Wells

Committee Members:

Yolanda Anzaldua
Burt Castro
Gorge Garcia
Norma Gonzalez
Christopher Labissiere
Sharon Machner
Rudy Mares
Doyle Shipp
Nels Swanson

Support the Veterans' Memorial at Pendleton Park by donating a memorial brick, a bench or a custom corporate logo and messsage engraved on array of pavers. Download the paver application form to fill out and mail in with payment, or order and donate online.

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