(updated, May 2014)

In August of 2007, after Harlingen soldier Darrell Shipp was killed in Iraq, some like-minded Harlingen citizens began meeting to plan a Veterans’ Memorial to honor ALL veterans, for Harlingen.

In the years after, a lot of effort ensued with typical fund raisers. The city Parks Dept was approached, land at Pendleton Park recommended to the City Commission and approved, and an architect (Mr. Roberto fRuiz) hired. The Veterans’ Memorial at Pendleton Park (VMP) was formed into a non-profit corporation, and legal charity status (501C3) approved by IRS.

In 2009, a brick maker was decided on who engraves the pavers with a laser, turning the filling in the letters into glass that is PERMANENT. (Brick Markers, Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL)

Adjusted to reflect costs and delivery considerations only, prices for custom engraved brick pavers are kept affordable as possible for all veterans, families and friends -- currently $45.00 and $65.00 for 4x8" and 8x8" pavers, respectively.  

As the design developed into the rendering depicted here, the VMP had raised over $50,000 privately, and paid for the architect, a surveyor, the marketing of these beautiful paver bricks, and the Committee began paying for parts of the initial construction, reducing the city’s initial outlay.

In December 2011, at the request of the City Commission, the City of Harlingen 4B Board, which receives it’s funding from Hotel/Motel taxes, agreed to fund the total estimated cost of the new memorial - $593,000.

A condition of that approval, was that the VMP agree to REPAY $200,000 of that money, to the 4B Board. The VM Project Committee readily agreed, and stated it’s intention to remain “in business” for years into the future, continuing to receive orders for new pavers and installing them, helping the city provide maintenance of the Memorial, and hopefully repaying ALL of the advanced monies –--- considering it all a “loan”.

Asst. City Manager, Mr. Dan Serna was appointed as the Project Manager, the VMPC’s architect was placed under contract to the city, and the bid process to select a General Contractor began in February 2012.

CubCo Construction in Brownsville was chosen as that Contractor, and equipment moved onto the site in March.

As the site work continued, the city Parks Department undertook to dredge and clean the duck pond and a new fountain installed; new, attractive fencing has been erected around the pavilion; new irrigation has been installed around the entire area; new grass abounds, flowers and shrubbery greet visitors as they enter the new driveway; about 40 new oak, wild olive and pick trumpet trees have been planted (compliments of Valley Proud, Mrs. Georgiana Matz and Mr. Frank Boggus); and the children’s playground has been renovated.      A GREAT job by your Harlingen Parks Dept.

By mid September 2012 the Memorial project was declared “essentially complete”, and the site returned to the city.

A Prayer Service preceded the formal Dedication Ceremony on the morning of November 11th, 2012,  Approximately 900 people attended that dedication!.   Please find photos and info at the DEDICATION link.

After completion, it was discovered that there were two problems on the walk.

A red stain began appearing on some of the pavers and cement “filler” squares.  It was learned that the water coming into the park has an excess of iron in it, and the irrigation spray was leaving this iron drying, leaving a reddish stain.   A process to clean this off is now being used to clean that off, but the process is labor intensive.   A more permanent solution is being sought.

The second problem was that, because of the hard packed underfilling, the four grassy areas on the walk would not drain off water very well, leaving them to fill in a heavy rain and creating a mini-lake.

A company that the city was working with to provide a sampling of artificial grass for other areas in the city offered to help, and that was installed on the walk in February 2013. The new artificial grass has substantially solved the aforementioned problems.

New signs were added in May 2013 at the two entrances, with info about how to order pavers.

A Memorial Day ceremony was held in the early morning of 28 May 2013 with the widow of Marine Sgt. Alfredo Anzuldua (Vietnam KIA in 1969) lowering the flag to the solemn notes of Taps."


The Veterans’ Memorial at Pendleton Park will be a lasting tribute to all who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Support the Veterans' Memorial at Pendleton Park by donating a memorial brick, a bench or a custom corporate logo and messsage engraved on array of pavers. Download the paver application form to fill out and mail in with payment, or order and donate online.

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